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Christine Hoang is an artist and sound producer living in Dallas, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is a recipient of the Diversity in Computer Music Scholarship at Stanford University’s CCRMA SuperCollider workshop in 2018. She is the co-label owner of Texas Recordings Underground which aims to provide a platform and voice for emerging music producers native or residing in Texas.

Her creativity has no bounds as her involvement ranges from coordinating an all women's producer group called the Dallas Women in Audio and Music (DWAM), creating promotional material and artwork for the record label she manages, and recording sound for various short films.

"My multi-media practice explores and deconstructs societal presumptions, self-perception, commodity semiotics, environmental acoustics, and the perpetual conflict of the feminine."

christine hoang_edited.jpg

photo by Ruben Aguilar

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