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An asmr-inspired sound performance at Gorinto hosted by Center of the Friendly Ghost (COTFG)


Press Release

COTFG and Drew Silverman present:

五輪塔 (Gorintō): A New Music Sensory Experience

Gorintō (五輪塔) is an intimate evening-length multi-sensory piece for 5 sound artists, exploring universality and set in the inverted round. The audience will gather in a circle centered in the space and are encouraged to lie down on a collection of pillows and rugs (as well as bring their own favorite comfort items) to experience a series of projections on several surfaces hung from the ceiling. The musicians will be positioned surrounding the audience, as will a truly surround sound speaker set up for maximal auditory experience. Gorintō is part soundscape, part classicist composition, and part ASMR dream.

—Sound Artists—

Adam Bedell – percussion/textures
Jessica Eley – cello/percussion/textures
Claude McCan – synth/keys/percussion/textures
Fumihito Sugawara – guitar/percussion/textures
Drew Silverman – composer/percussion/textures/et. cetera

—-Technical Design Team—
Chris Medders – Audio Engineer
Ezekiel Cisneros – Visual Engineer


Before and after each performance of Gorintō, there will be a guest artists performing in the gallery portion of GFT, as well as featured visual artists Amanda Jones and Linda Kelsey-Jones displaying in the gallery.

— April 25th —
7pm: Bohemian Cristal Instrument (on tour from CZ)
8pm: GORINTŌ (五輪塔)
Aftershow: Bohemian Cristal Instrument

— April 26th —
7pm: Matthew Seidel (ATX)
8pm: GORINTŌ (五輪塔)
Aftershow: Matthew Seidel

— April 27th —
7pm: Xinexport (from Dallas)
8pm: GORINTŌ (五輪塔)
Aftershow: Xinexport

The nature of this show encourages lying on a padded, slightly raised floor, please inform us in the notes section of your ticket purchase if you need any accommodations to make you comfortable in this environment.


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